Back for a third season, Joyce’s Boot Camp will help you be all you can be in Christ. This four-week program – with a new area of training each week – encourages, challenges and strengthens you. Check back each week for new bonus articles and free downloads

Get to know Jesus. If you’ve never
“enlisted” in God’s army and asked
Jesus Christ into your life, give your
life to Him today.

Week One – Prayer and Bible Study

This week learn how talking with God and being engaged in His word brings a more intimate relationship with the Father.

Week Two – Knowing God

God knows every detail about you, but do you know Him? This week challenges you to examine the nature and character of God.

Week Three – Faith

If you’ve ever questioned the strength of your faith, you’re not alone. This week learn how to answer those questions and how to overcome fear when it tries to weaken your faith.

Week Four – Determination

God didn’t create us to be robots, but He does expect us to be obedient. This week teaches us how to cultivate a good attitude about obedience that will lead us to making choices that agree with God.

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